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foster flowers

Our downtown flowers look beautiful, every year, but that’s not a fluke. We have many hard-working people who make it happen. Volunteers water, pull weeds, and keep trash out of the flowers– and that’s a monumental task! We call it Foster Flowers, and it's a blooming success.


Making downtown bloom every year takes time, and money.

Budget: $3,500.00/year.

Sponsorship: $50.00/planter

Volunteers Needed To: Plant, water, and maintain. 

Flower Benches:

More than a dozen flower benches have been sponsored and placed in the district, providing beautification and much-needed seating areas.

THANK YOU to all of our supporters!


Upcoming Projects:

  • Improved ground flower containers to a water saving system.

  • Additional landscaping and beautification at our intersections.


Planter sponsorship or other donations can be mailed to Tomahawk Main Street. Contact the office to pay by credit card.

Tomahawk Main Street
223 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Tomahawk, WI 54487

(715) 453-1090

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